Tired of internet companies abusing your data? Orchid aims to better protect your data. Find out what it is and how you can use it.

What is Orchid?

What is Orchid?Every one of us is on the Internet (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article). Many of us are even online for hours – every day. While we are on the worldwide web, we leave behind a lot of data. Data which helps companies like Facebook and Google and many others to make big profits.

Even states can use – or abuse – our data. There is also the danger that bad criminals do something nonsensical with our data on the Internet. This is why Orchid exists. This is a peer-to-peer privacy tool. It includes a VPN as well as other features that allow you to protect your data and better control your Internet connection.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your Internet activity to the extent that it eliminates the connection to you as a person. Your personal data protection is thus much better guaranteed. In times of DSGVO, EU-Privacy and Co. it is a great technology.

Unlike conventional VPNs like https://www.vpncomparison.org/provider/privateinternetaccess/, Orchid is decentralized. This has the advantage that you as a user do not have to trust a single VPN. Because even among VPN providers, there may be some that resell your data. It is based on Ethereum and provides its own cryptocurrency: OXT. This even allows you to make payments without revealing sensitive information like credit card details on the network.

How do I use Orchid?

To use Orchid, the first thing you should do is purchase OXT. You do this, for example, using a conventional currency such as Euros on a platform such as Coinbase. You send the purchased OXT to a Web3 crypto wallet. Additionally, you send some Ether to the wallet to pay for the Ethereum transaction costs. In the next step, connect your Orchid account to the wallet and follow the instructions. Now, download the mobile app.

Since it is based on Web3, you don’t need to enter a username or password. Instead, you generate a key in the app and store it in your wallet. This way you link your account to the wallet. If you now want to use Orchid, simply click on the icon. If you don’t like the connection, click again. You will get a different provider with a different bandwidth.

You only pay for the bandwidth you actually use. There are no monthly fees or anything like that. The information shared so far is based on the videos from Coinbase.

Where do I buy OXT?

You think the idea behind Orchid is cool and that’s why you want to purchase OXT? I’m not allowed to make a purchase recommendation. But if you’re interested, you can purchase OXT on Coinbase and get Orchid at https://www.orchid.com/.

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