According to a press release from gaming giant Ubisoft, the company will support the Tezos ecosystem in the future. The makers of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry will now act as corporate validators and confirm or create new blocks on the Tezos blockchain. Is that a bald move or is Tezos just another shitcoin? We will find out in this article. Here is an overview of good Cryptocurrencies, by the way.

Ubisoft continues on mission Blockchain technology

Blockchain technologyFrench video game developer Ubisoft will take the position of a Baker on the Tezos Blockchain network. Baker is Tezos’ own terminology for node validator. This role is similar to that of a miner on a blockchain with proof-of-work consensus PoW like Bitcoin, except that the Tezos blockchain uses the proof-of-stake PoS algorithm.

As part of the Tezos ecosystem, Ubisoft plans to continue experimenting with Liquid-Proof-of-Stake LPoS technology. At the same time, they plan to continue researching how it could “impact the future of gaming,” according to the press release.

It also stressed that such collaboration should help Ubisoft pursue the company’s own innovation efforts within an eco-friendly ecosystem. Environmental friendliness in particular is coming into focus. Networks based on a PoS algorithm require far less amounts of power and high-end computing, unlike energy- and compute-intensive PoW blockchains.

What is LPoS?

Liquid proof-of-stake allows token holders to transfer validation rights to other token holders without transferring ownership of the tokens. This means that the tokens remain in the wallet of the delegating participant. Additionally, only the validator is penalized in the event of a security failure such as double-endorsing or double-baking. LPoS also provides voting rights that allow token holders to vote directly on protocol changes.

LPoS was first introduced by Tezos and has been running smoothly on the mainnet since September 2018. Liquid proof-of-stake in Tezos has proven to be very successful. Currently, the consensus mechanism records a staking rate of about 80 percent, which is distributed among 450 validators and 13,000 delegators. The number of delegating participants is technically limited by the minimum bond size requirement and could be as high as about 70,000 under current guidelines. Ubisoft as Tezos Baker through Nomadic Labs.

Ubisoft has joined the Tezos Node network through its Strategic Innovation Lab, which is partnering with Nomadic Labs. Nomadic Labs is a research and development center in France that also leverages the Tezos ecosystem. The Strategic Innovation Lab team is exploring the opportunities blockchain brings to gaming for players and developers alike, as well as the long-term potential of the promising technology.

Tezos another blockchain project from Ubisoft.

Tezos is not the first blockchain that Ubisoft has joined as a validator. Last December, the company also announced that it would serve as the launch validator for Ronin, a new sidechain for the Ethereum-based game Axie Infinity.

Validators confirm transactions to and from the Ronin sidechain, update Price Oracles, and other important administrative tasks involving Axie Infinity and its ecosystem.

  • The digital pet game combines influences from Pokémon and Tamagotchi. The public testnet launch of Sidechain Ronin is intended to support scaling as more players come on board. According to the blog post at the time, the testnet phase is expected to last for several months. There is no news on this at the moment.
  • Ubisoft is one of the most active traditional game publishers in the blockchain space. The French company not only supports blockchain startups through its Entrepreneur Lab Accelerator, but was also an early player in the non-fungible token NFT space. Ubisoft itself released a series of NFTs based on its Rabbids franchise.
  • Founded in 1986 by the five Guillemot brothers, the gaming giant is also working on several games based on non-fungible tokens. Among them is HashCraft, a blockchain-based decentralized game inspired by Minecraft.

Bottom line – Ubisoft continues its expansion into blockchain technology

The cooperation between video game maker Ubisoft and Tezos marks another milestone on the gaming giant’s agenda. As a corporate validator, Ubisoft supports the Tezos Blockchain in validating transactions and creating new blocks.

That blockchain technology will dominate the gaming industry in the future is beyond question for the French company. Especially since Tezos is not the first project for Ubisoft in this area.

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